What is Pineau ?

Pineau is a blend of 3/4 fresh non-fermented grape juice and 1/4 Cognac, 80% of which come from Colombard, a 90-year-old Vineyard, situated on hillsides overlooking the river Charente and benefiting from an ideal sun exposure.

François 1er distillation

Our Cognac is distilled in authentic red copper stills, which are among the very few still coal and wood-how, transmitted from generation to generation for last 60 years. Our stocks, aged in Limousin oak casks for many many years, allow us to produce superior quality Pineau.

The company François 1er

Pineau François 1er, well appreciated by french and foreign connoisseurs, was put on the market for the first time in February 1934. Gaston RIVIERE who launched it, took the decision to only put on the market Pineaux, aged in oak casks. The reputation of his brand soon reached beyond the French borders and nowadays, its quality is still highly praised. It received a gold medal at the “Foire Internationale de la Rochelle” the prize of Excellence at the 24th enologists’ congress, which had to choose among 1100 different high quality wines and it came first in the “Hachette des vins” guide.

The high quality of the Pineau François 1er

o The Vineyard, planted on hillsides overlooking the river Charente, has an ideal aspect.
o The Colombard grapes, 80% of which are grown on vines over 80 years old, produce a low quantity of juice of a very fruity taste and give our Pineau a delicious flavour unique to itself.
o Our Cognac is distilled in old copper stills which are amongst the very few remaining to be heated by coal fires.
o Our method of making Pineau follows a tradition which has continued and remained unchanged for 60 years.
o Our stock, very important in comparison with our sales enables us to sell only the Pineau which has had a great many years of maturing in casks exclusively made of Limousin oak.


” Very good Pineau, very well-balanced, with the depth of old brandy, but preserving a real freshness, quite representative of the Pineau Quality ” writes the Gault Millau.

The editor in ” Larousse des vins ” also writes: ” One of the best Pineau des Charentes is the one produced by the RIVIERE family on the Gâtinauds Domain, one of the oldest winegrowers in the region, specialized in Pineau. It is unrivalled in perfection with a sumptuous bouquet and a suave flavor, which merge in a dazzling and exquisite harmony and is sold on the market under the name of Pineau François 1er.